Bishop McCalla’s love for people everywhere, along with his leadership and attributes for development were recognised when he was appointed as National Overseer for both Ghana and Nigeria. Whilst in Nigeria, despite facing challenging adversity, with little or no resources, Bishop McCalla, through his prolific fundraising abilities, raised thousands of pounds for the construction of a parsonage; a primary school and secondary school, along with a bore-hole that provides fresh water to the school and surrounding communities in Kabba, Kogi State, Mid-West Nigeria. There are similar projects in Ghana.

Bishop McCalla ensured that the church’s proclamation was appropriately demonstrated in its social action programmes; feeding the homeless, empowering the marginalised through delivery of education through its community programme. Today Gloucester Street church has a major influence and is a major service provider in the social action programmes with the city of Wolverhampton.

Bishop T A McCalla, MBE, the board members of RAFFA International Development Agency salute you for your great influence, leadership and tireless dedication to the work of social action. Your generosity has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people and organisations in the UK and internationally. Your legacy will continue because of the foundation you have laid. Rest in Eternal Peace.

RAFFA honours the life and legacy of Colleen Emily Laing who, as one of the founder members of RAFFA International Development Agency, she worked tirelessly to ensure that the lives of others were enhanced both through the Charity as well as through the Church. Countless people’s lives both in the UK and internationally has been positively impacted, simply because of the many kind and loving gestures Colleen made.
We will continue to celebrate and honour her kind heart and her extraordinary life. Through her genuine love and support for people, from all walks of life, and the thousands of people she came into contact with, Colleen shall live forever in their hearts. Rest in eternal peace with the Lord Colleen whilst we continue to honour your legacy by carrying on the magnificent work that you started.
Eternal and unconditional love Colleen from us all.

Rudi Page, former CEO and Global Diaspora Director at RAFFA, laid the foundation for Social Action initiatives that would bridge the gap between faith organisations and several projects during his term. The Youth Initiative ‘Triple A Connect’, Passing the Baton.

During 2017, Rudi led RAFFA on a UK Caribbean Region campaign called “Every Caribbean Donor Matters” a continuation from the previous “One Love, One Blood, Saves Lives” campaign in order to help raise awareness of the need for more blood donors of Caribbean heritage across England.

Rudi Page has a formidable track record within UK Enterprise Support & Healthcare Economy in the initiation and development of Networks and Cultural Awareness Workshops for NHS, Higher Education & Training and Faith-based Organisations. He has a unique approach to establishing Management Frameworks for Diversity, Equality & Cultural Understanding in Workplace Representation & Workforce Development. He devised and implemented the path breaking Royal College of Nursing Connect Programme, which developed networks and networking tools for encouraging cultural understanding and challenging the barriers Black and Minority ethnic members face in the workplace.

RAFFA acknowledges the hard work of Rudi Page, the former RAFFA CEO. We are walking on the foundation of hard work that he has paved for us. We could not talk about the work of RAFFA without mentioning the name Rudi Page. Rudi has worked tirelessly to ensure that the name of RAFFA throughout the charity sector is recognised locally and nationally.

We are forever grateful for his hard work, and we will continue to celebrate his efforts.